To my little brown girl…


It seems so surreal that I was handpicked by God to be the mother to this incredible little bundle of energy that is you. I’m not going to lie to you baby girl, this year was tough. Being a single mom is never easy and at times a bit overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it because I have you!

My Melanin Queen. Photo credit: Anita Harris Photography

When I learned that you were coming, I was both unsure and scared about bringing you into the world, this world to be honest. A world full of people who would judge you and criticize you, not because of who you are sweet girl, but sometimes simply because of the color of your skin.

That skin… your beautiful cocoa skin that wraps you up in all of your glorious melanin yumminess.

Is it fair? No…but the fact that one day you may be prejudged before you could even open your mouth gave me pause, full of worry and doubt, on long nights. In the days of #blacklivesmatter movements and tragic deaths of women such as Sandra Bland.

It is easy to want to cocoon you in a protective bubble and never ever let you go. But I must…and there are a few things I want you to know:

First, you are enough!

You are strong, beautiful, and intelligent and, yes, BLACK.

Do not let that last one define who you are, but don’t shy away from embracing it in all of its splendid glory.

Secondly, as a little brown girl you will have obstacles come your way, but know that you have the blood of fierce women that have come before you running through your veins. Women whose blood, sweat and tears paid for the freedoms you now enjoy, who fought to make sure that you can vote, get a quality education, become anything and anyone that you want to be.

Learn from their mistakes and successes, but use them as a spring board to forge your own destiny and reach heights that only you can imagine.

Self love is the best love

My love, the sooner you learn that self love is the best love, the sooner you will have won half the battle!

So many little brown girls struggle with acceptance because they are told that their kinky hair, brown skin and broad noses are not the standard of beauty that is accepted by the world.

But know, my little brown girl, that those are the very things that make you beautiful! And the sooner you embrace this concept, the better off you’ll be.

I will always love you!

Lastly, know that without a shadow of a doubt your mommy loves you! From day one, you have been a ball of sassy personality, and I cannot wait to witness the journey God has in store for you.

Know that I am always here for you, to love you, nurture you, guide you and release you into the world. A big scary world that, although scares me a little too, I know you will take by storm one day with all of your beautiful and marvelous black girl magic!

Love you always and ever more,


Loving the skin I’m in!
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Arrea'l is a giver of smiles, a lover of chocolate, a fan of sunsets but most importantly the mother to Emmarie Grace. During the day you can find her at Biloxi City Hall where she is the mayor's secretary, while at night her sole purpose is getting her kid bathed, fed and put down so that she can be in bed by 9pm (eh, it's a work in progress). In her spare time (what is that?), she likes to read trashy novels, compose terrible poetry and daydream about drinking margaritas. But if you ask her what is her most favorite thing to do in the world, her answer would be watching her mini-me discover all the amazing things that she can do and cherishing every single moment. If you'd like to contact this "fly by the seat of her pants" mama with any questions, comments, concerns or just plain encouragement, you can email her at


  1. Beautifully said Arre! I pray everyday that our little brown girls grow up strong, courageous, compassionate and full of love! I know for sure, God has EXTRAORDINARY plans for them!

    • Thanks Nae! I pray the very same prayer! I know God has the most amazing plans for them and I look forward to watching what He has in store for them in their incredible journeys!

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