Top 10 Favorite Cleaning + Organizing Products


Who else feels like they are always cleaning?  Whether it’s the floors, kitchen counters, bathrooms or the dreaded playroom, it seems like something is always needing to be cleaned. Again.

Top 10 cleaning products

Here are the top products from moms that will help with your spring cleaning (and organizing):


Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living can literally be used to clean any surface of your home and, most importantly, it does not have harsh chemicals. It’s safe to use around children (so they can help) and even pets. You can even soak your fruit and veggies in it! Check out this website to purchase.


This magical little sponge is a game changer.  Sticky stuff? Wipes right off. Scuffs on shoes? Easy peasy. Markers on wall? Gone.  We have yet to find something it will not clean.


Yes, we are going there. It’s the best investment for you and your home. You can set a timer while you’re gone – and boom – when you return, your floors are sparkling.  If you have kids, dogs and constant dirty floors, there is no price to pay for cleanliness and sanity. There are even some models that mop! Go ahead, add it to your Mother’s Day wish list.


They Window Cloth by Norwex is a microfiber cloth that is simple and easy to use. Spray glass or mirror surface with water and use the cloth to wipe. With no chemicals and little effort, it cleans windows and mirrors like a champ.


Baby wipes are for more than just baby bottoms. They clean sticky fingers and faces to no avail and even wipe away most food stains on clothing or fabric. They are easy to store in your purse or car.


Get rid of the traditional laundry basket! This updated laundry hamper allows you to pack more clothes and save space! It’s perfect for those jammed-packed closets.


It’s not just for windshields anymore. Spray this on glass shower doors and watch the water repel. It helps prevent water scum!


Dryer sheets make chrome faucets look like new by simply wiping away dried water spots. Also, use them when soaking pots overnight. Add the dryer sheet to water and it makes it easier to scrub the pot the next day.


Have a designated donate bin in your closet.  As clothes are no longer needed, place them in bin and pick a time to donate unwanted items. We love these bins with attached lids!


We’ve seen moms recommend this soap multiple times. This is great for moms whose children are playing baseball and have stains EVERY game, red clay and grass streaks. Quickly rub it over the stain and stick in the washing machine with detergent and Oxiclean! This little dollar bar is MAGIC! You can purchase it at Walmart!
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