What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


We recently asked our Gulf Coast Mom contributors about their must-have items they packed in their hospital bags. Knowing what to bring can be challenging, especially for first-time moms! Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

Yoga Pants

“Yoga pants (for after), they held my big ole diaper in place.” -mom of 2


“House slippers for swollen feet from fluids if you happen to have a C-section.” -mom of 3

“Socks with non-skid bottoms.” -mom of 1


“Definitely granny panties 1 size bigger than normal!” -mom of 3

“Depends underpants and a Bellefit binder were must haves for me!” -mom of 2

“Nursing bras!” -mom of 2

Breast Pump

“Pump! I wish someone would have told me to bring my pump to the hospital! The lactation consultant helped with pumping technique, fit and answered general questions to help put my mind at ease.” -mom of 1

Nursing Essentials

“Nipple cream is a must! Lanolin for nipples. Start that right away if nursing. It helps a lot.” -mom of 3

“I definitely WAY preferred button front PJ tops with pants. The first time I wore nursing gowns, I felt so exposed to the world. Round two and three I loved how covered I felt in the button front PJs and how easily I could unbutton to nurse.” -mom of 3

“Boppy pillow for nursing!” -mom of 3

Stuff for Your Hair and Face

“Extra hair bands.” -mom of 2

“Lip balm! Have some lip balm on hand to help keep your lips hydrated!” -mom of 1

“Dry shampoo.” -mom of 1

Visitors vs. No Visitors

“Baby book for guests to sign at hospital! And little notepad to write down gifts.” -mom of 1

“A laminated sign that says ‘no visitors please’ for the nurses to place on the door. It was so nice to blame it on the nurses.” -mom of 1

Stuff for Dad

“Snacks. They saved me.” -mom of 2

“Phone chargers, a Yeti, cash/change for vending.” -mom of 1

Brownie Points

“Cookies for the nurses (brownie points never hurt at the hospital).” -mom of 3

The Baby Blanket

“Baby’s blankie. As in THE blankie that they sleep with and keep forever. Here’s the catch… mommy sleeps with the blankie for a week or so before baby arrives so it has the mommy essence on it.” -mom of 3

Lullabies for Mommy

“Music to relax or earbuds.” -mom of 3

“We always brought music to help me stay calm and focused. So whenever I meet Jack Johnson, I plan to tell him he helped deliver all three of my kids. Thanks Jack!” -mom of 3

“I brought our Bluetooth speaker to play music to cover up the hospital sounds so we could sleep. We also had our iPad to watch Netflix. On the third baby it was like vacation.” -mom of 3

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