Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Dad is the Best, Most Awesome, Most Difficult and Best Blessing in the World


Dad and family#10

You will drive 6 hours in a car to race back to hear your kid say one line in the school play. Nailed it, son!


You would rather watch your kid play a sport in the rain than play golf with your buddies. (OK, part of me would really like to go play golf but DAD IS LIFE!)


When you have to discipline your kid BUT you are really laughing in the back of your mind the whole time.


Watching your kid work hard for something they want and achieve it. AWESOME!


When your kid has a bad day and the only thing they want is a hug from Dad!


Getting home from work and being greeted with yells of “DADDY” and then bear hugs.


Racing to and from constant activities, school events, sports, never having a slow moment, and trying to remember to soak it all in.


Making memories at Disney World, snapping my leg skiing while your son yells, “You’re the worst skier ever,” and many more fun vacation times.


When you have 2 kids, and you realize that you are the biggest kid in the world and your wife has to technically take care of 3 kids. My bad! Oops. My fault. You’re welcome.


Getting to do this Dad thing with the Momma, the Boss, the No to my Yes, the glue, and the best dang MOMMA around.

Girl and dadBeing a Dad is the best thing in the world.

The time is short that Dad will still be in “cool and fun” status. I try to remember to make every memory, make every event I can at school and sports, and be there constantly whenever they need me. Before I know it, they will be in college, then married, and then raising their own kids. I will always hug you, tell you I love you, and embarrass the heck out of you. I love you kiddos more than anything in this world. Here’s to all the Dads out there.
Happy Father’s Day!