4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Neighborhood for Your Family

We are thankful to Florence Gardens for partnering with Gulf Coast Mom. We hope this information is helpful for families as they find their perfect home.
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When we talk about buying a home, we generally think about the house itself. We ask all the standard questions. How much square footage do we need? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? New home or fixer-upper?

While finding a house that checks all the boxes is important, it shouldn’t be the only consideration when buying a new home. It’s important to remember this:

Your neighborhood is every bit as important as the house itself.

In fact, the right neighborhood could be the very thing that makes your house feel like home. Here are some of my observations that help families decide on their forever home.


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With COVID-19, we’re all spending more time at home – a LOT more – which means we’re also spending more time in our neighborhoods. My son and I, both avid runners, enjoy being able to walk out the front door and, in just a few steps, connect with the boardwalks and pathways that run for miles through the neighborhood. My daughter is a competitive swimmer and often rides her bike to the pool to swim a few laps. We all enjoy fishing and can quickly load up our supplies and launch a canoe into the lake. Every day we see young children playing safely outside on the Town Green and in the park. When choosing a home, be sure to consider what amenities would be valuable to you and your family.


At one point, my family lived in a house that overlooked the bayou in Gulfport. The views were spectacular and it was easy to hop in my skiff and head out for the afternoon. But each time a hurricane ripped through the area we were left with a mess and sometimes significant and expensive damage.

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As you move through the home buying process, remember to look for both a house and a neighborhood that fit the unique needs of your family. Doing so will give you a home to love for years to come.”

Now, I live in a home that’s well outside of a flood zone, which gives me tremendous peace of mind every time we face a significant weather event. When choosing a home, ask about your flood zone before you buy, and make sure that you’re comfortable with the level of risk you’ll be assuming.


Back in March when we were all forced into quarantine and working from home, one of our residents stepped outside and began playing his violin on his porch. Before long a crowd of neighbors had assembled for an impromptu concert. In the weeks that followed, resident volunteers organized everything from outdoor movie nights, to food trucks, to Kwanza and Hanukkah celebrations. These events connected us in a time when connection seemed impossible.

Town green at Florence gardens
Photo credit: Florence Gardens
About the Author

Ryan Goldin is Vice President of Florence Gardens and father of two. For over a decade, he’s had the unique experience of being both a Broker for Florence Gardens and also a resident of the neighborhood. This gives him the opportunity to understand what’s important to buyers beyond the home itself.