Budget-Friendly, Healthy Grocery Shopping

We are thankful to partner with Memorial  Health Systems to provide moms with local healthcare resources and information for their family.

Dr. Kerry Scott is a family medicine and culinary medicine specialist at Memorial Health System. He has seen firsthand how a patient’s nutritional status directly affects their health and health outcomes.

He is passionate about culinary medicine and the potential positive impacts it can have on patients, families, communities, and organizations.

Gulf Coast Mom was thrilled to meet with him at our local Rouse’s Market in Gulfport to help us pick budget-friendly healthy options to cook for our families.

Memorial Health Systems 4 Budget friendly meals with Dr. Kerry Scott
Dr. Kerry Scott, a Family Medicine and Culinary Medicine Specialist, with Kerri Paul, Gulf Coast Mom Co-Owner, discussing healthy food options. Photo courtesy: Memorial Health Systems.
“The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a beautiful culture that incorporates vibrant traditions, love of family and friends, and great entertainment, and at the center of this culture is amazing food,” says Dr. Scott.

“However, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as well as many areas of the state and the nation, struggles with health conditions that are directly related to diet. Culinary medicine seeks to empower patients to be active participants in their healthcare by teaching them how to incorporate healthy foods in their diets and prepare their meals to preserve many of the nutritional benefits.”

We spoke to Dr. Kerry Scott about how families can prepare healthier meals that are quick and budget-friendly. He shared his top tips and some of his favorite recipes with us.

Top 10 tips for cooking healthier meals for the family:

  • Put more fruit and vegetables on the menu/table
  • Reduce sodium/salt intake in meals
  • Cook with the healthiest oils that you can afford in your shopping budget
  • Use various cooking methods to retain the nutritional value of foods, including steaming, roasting, or grilling vegetables
  • Use fresh herbs, dried spices, and citrus fruits to enhance flavor in meals
  • Read the nutritional labels on the food you plan to purchase
  • Check grocery store advertised weekly sales and plan your weekly meal around what’s on sale and readily available
  • Buy meat and vegetables in bulk and properly store them for future meals
  • Reduce processed foods in your meals
  • Decreased foods that are high in saturated fat and work to include more foods that are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat

Dr. Kerry Scott recently spent time compiling some of his favorite healthy recipes, budget-friendly and perfect for the entire family!


ROASTED BROCCOLI, Tomato Dr Roasted Broccoli, Tomato and Cheddar Frittata Gulfport memorial health System
Photo provided by Dr Kerry Scott/Memorial Health System

Frittatas are a wonderful way to start your day off right with a serving of vegetables. They’re also a great way to use up leftovers. Recipe from Healthmeetsfood.com.

4 Healthy Meals on a Budget With Dr Kerry Scott memorial health SystemSHRIMP FRA DIAVOLO

Shrimp Fra Diavolo
Photo provided by Dr Kerry Scott/Memorial Health System

This quick, healthy dinner option is sure to please. Recipe from Healthmeetsfood.com.com.

Shrimp dish recipe Memorial Health systemsFRESH GULF FISH

Gulf fish
Photo provided by Dr Kerry Scott/Memorial Health System

Living on the Coast means we have access to fresh seafood. This healthy lunch or dinner choice is full of flavor! Recipe from Healthmeetsfood.com.

Baked Gulf fish recipe Memorial Health systems


A healthier twist on a family favorite, this meal is easy and nutritious! Recipe from Healthmeetsfood.com.