Moms Love: Pass the Juice

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Fruit bowlOne of our new fave places to frequent is Pass the Juice in Gulfport! This is the Gulf Coast’s newest smoothie and cold pressed juice bar. Their smoothies are not only a healthy alternative but they taste ah-mazing as well! Their Power C Plus smoothie is a contributor favorite! They offer açaí bowls, fruit bowls, smoothies, coffees, lattes and pressed juices (that can even be bought by the quart)!

We’re super excited to host our upcoming Friendsgiving DIY Floral Centerpiece Classes at the juice bar on Sunday, November 22 and Monday, November 23 (we still have a few spots left, so grab a friend and reserve your seats)! They will be offering free samples at the event! 

We wanted to know more about juicing. So Azzim Williams, the owner of Pass the Juice, tells us all about the benefits! 

Did you know that there are categories to the world of juicing?

Maybe you want to start juicing for your family, own your own juice bar, or even do it as a hobby. For whatever reason, you must first know the difference between Centrifugal, Masticating, and Cold Press Juicing. Here at Pass the Juice, we pride ourselves on providing the best and top quality juices to our customers, and wanted to share some information with the community on how to be successful in your own juicing journey!

Pineapple fruit bowlCENTRIFUGAL JUICING

This type of juicing, is known as “fast juicing”, is very popular in households as the first step in juicing. When placing fruits and vegetables in this type of juicer, they are cut and spun extremely fast at high speeds to produce an average amount of juice for 1-2 servings. This option is typically cost effective and still provides consumers with the benefit of quality juice.


This is a slow type of juicing or known as “auger juicing”, where the produce is crushed at a slower speed. Since this juicing process is at a slower rate, it does not produce as much heat and oxygenation as centrifugal juicers. This allows you to preserve your juice longer, yield more from the produce, and helps to reduce waste.

One important fact you should know, the juice will contain more “solids” and will separate quickly after being made. This juice should be consumed immediately after completion.


A juice press or “cold press juicer” is the top of the line quality of juicers. In order to successfully create a cold pressed juice, it must go through a two-step process.

Green juice

  1. Produce is chopped/grinded into a chunky pulp.
  2. Juice is slowly extracted by pressing the pulp under pressure while keeping the consistency of the fresh juice.

“Juice presses are able to extract the most nutrients possible from your fruits and vegetables” (Good Nature, 2020).

It also provides the longevity of shelf life between 3-5 days. This option of juicing would be considered the most expensive type of juicing, but the quality is unmatched by no other form of juicer.

It’s important to know the different categories of juicing before getting started. Hopefully this helps to get you started in the right direction, in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through juicing!