The Perfect Holiday Activity for Families

This post is sponsored by Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. We are thankful to partner with them for family-friendly events.

Christmas in the Air is showing through December 27, and I love that the Beau Rivage provides opportunities like this for local families. It’s the perfect afternoon or evening holiday break activity. 

I took in the Christmas in the Air show at the Beau Rivage this weekend with my oldest and youngest daughters. 

In a weekend packed with Christmas activities that competed for our time, it was well worth the effort!

Here’s why:

  • At just over 1 hour in running time and no intermission, it is the perfect length for kids. My 8 and 4 year old girls were entertained the entire time, and I think my boisterous 3 year old son would have been able to manage it as well. 
  • Audience participation and interaction is encouraged. You don’t have to worry about your kids being too loud or dancing in their seats. It really is a family show, and my girls loved being able to sing along, shout out responses, and dance as they saw fit.
  • It was funny, and there’s no sweeter sound than hearing your kids genuinely belly laugh.
  • It was clean—not even the slightest innuendo, and the nuns sitting behind us seemed to approve as well.
  • The talent was really spectacular—truly excellent singers, dancers, and performers.
  • And I promised my 4 year old I would mention this—the costumes were “bee-YOU-ti-ful.” Seriously, she kept waiting for the next outfit change and loved each one more than the next.


I would recommend arriving at Will Call at least 30-45 minutes prior to the show. We arrived 20 minutes early and didn’t get through until 3:10, which was 10 minutes past the show time (thankfully the show only started right as we got to our seats). Make sure you have a photo ID and the card you used to purchase the tickets. Many people ahead of us did not have these items, which held up the line. 

Give the gift of Gulf Coast experiences this holiday!